I find it comforting to think that the end of my earthly life is not the end of my existence. “I only live to be born again” is how one lyric puts it. The life force, the something that keeps making us draw breaths, that keeps us animated even when we get old and crusty, that curious, silent, powerful, unstoppable seeming presence, would it not survive a bodily death?

All the anecdotal evidence of life after life is particularly comforting and consoling to me. So I like to feel that when my life ends I will go into another plane of existence perhaps based on where I am karmically – or perhaps comically – at the end of my Mortal Career.

So let’s all have a laugh at our own expense. Let’s live our lives and fear not the future. Instead use a mantra affirming life after life after life after life, no fear, no shame, just life and life abundant. Amen.